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By Artur Victoria

Acknowledging that choices among alternative approaches to planning, job design, communications systems, etc., should take into account organization and human variables seems logical and may appear obvious (though the number of organizations in which illogical choices have been made is large). Not so obvious, however, is the fact that there are logical linkages among the integrative mechanisms themselves.

For example, the choice of a particular approach to planning cannot and should not be made independently of the approach to designing jobs or distributing rewards in the organization. Instead, in an effective administrative system, planning is complemented by job design, which in turn fits logically with the reward system, etc. Conversely, many problems in modern organizations are directly traceable to inconsistencies among the component parts of the administrative system-approaches in one area simply do not fit with, or even work at cross-purposes to, administrative efforts in other areas. The need for a high-quality fit among the components in an administrative system is well illustrated in the following (real-life) example where the inconsistency between planning and control is glaring.

Organization A is a medium-size manufacturing firm in a high-technology industry. It has four operating divisions, each functioning in highly competitive, rapidly changing markets. Recognizing the needs for a rapid product and a technological development to keep pace with market demands, the top management has instructed division managers to run their own operations. Along with this administrative decision, however, top management has specified that division controllers must have primary reporting responsibility to the corporate controller. Moreover, top management has a policy that all capital expenditures in excess of Euros: 50.000 must be approved by a headquarters planning group. The effect of these latter administrative decisions on the motivation of division managers is predictable. They feel they are being controlled, and they complain that the purchase and/ or refurbishment of operating equipment is so delayed by the corporate review process that they cannot match the innovation rate of their competitors.

Thus, corporate efforts to develop an administrative process in which decentralized divisions adapt rapidly to market changes are being thwarted by control procedures more appropriate to stable environmental conditions and centralized decision.

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The role of administration is to integrate a complex set of organization and human variables and that effective integration is most likely to occur when there is a high degree of consistency among the integrative mechanisms chosen by top administrators. Integration, however, is not the ultimate purpose of organizational systems. Organizations are created to serve some hopefully useful social function, and this function is best achieved when the organization is effective (i.e., does the right things), efficient (i.e., does these things right), and satisfies the needs of its members.

The quality of the choices made by administrators in designing their organizations will, of course, have an effect on organizational performance and member satisfaction. And whether these choices serve as a foundation for, or as a barrier to, organizational growth and renewal, is, as indicated earlier, one of the tests of effective administration. But, while most administrative groups seek to design high-performing organizations, there is no single administrative system that will guarantee this outcome. While management is constrained by both organization and human variables, its choice of a given system of administration is clearly not dictated. In these situations, administrators are influenced by a final set of variables not yet incorporated into our model. They are influenced by their own theories of how and why people in organizations behave as they do and, therefore, how and why they as administrators ought to behave in a particular fashion.

Within the block assigned to administrator theories, there are three, the Traditional, Human Relations, and Human Resources. While in fact every administrator has his own theory of administration – his own set of concepts which in part guides his behavior and his choices among alternatives in the areas described above-we believe that most administrator views can be clustered around one of the three models.

Most likely, only infrequently does the practicing administrator desire, or feel compelled, to pause from his ongoing activities and analyze his own theory of administration. And yet every administrator has such a theory which, if more fully explicated, might be of immense value to him as he designs and redesigns his organization. Although it is not often recognized, even by successful administrators, every manager behavior and decisions are influenced by his theory of administration (in essence, a theory is an explanation of how and why someone or something behaves as he or it does). For example, the general belief that, left unsupervised, employees will soldier on the job implies an underlying set of assumptions about people’s attitudes toward work and the administrative mechanisms required to obtain productivity.

Were an administrator to sit down and analyze the characteristics of his own organization, he might begin to develop the theory that appears to underlie what he observes. And, as in the example of Organization he might find some logical inconsistencies in this theory of administration. In an effort to make this exercise easier, we offer three alternative administrative models which exhibit a high degree of internal consistency among

(1) the assumptions made about human attitudes and behavior;

(2) typical administrative actions developed in accordance with these assumptions; and

(3) the expected results which are likely to occur if administrators behave as suggested. No claim is made that any existing administrative system is fully captured by the Traditional, Human Relations, or Human Resources models. However, the essence of a particular system can usually be found to conform closely to one of the three models, and, taken together; the three models cover a broad range of alternative approaches to administration.

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By Ernest Jarquio

If you want to get brand-name tires, you may have to pay hundreds of dollars, depending on the type of vehicle you own. This is why you should consider using discount tire stores. Through them you can get brand-name tires at drastically reduced prices. You may even be able to save more money if you decide to get used tires through them.

The only issue involved with discount tire stores is deciding which type you’re going to use: online enterprises or brick and mortar stores. If you need help making this determination, read on as this article will provide 4 factors you need to consider when thinking about using brick & mortar or online discount tire stores.

1. Tire Installation

Many brick & mortar discount tire stores will offer tire installation at an additional cost, though sometimes promotional offers may include it in the overall price. Either way, it’s very convenient being able to pick out your tires and then a couple hours later having them installed without having to go to a separate auto mechanic. Yet, when you order tires from an online discount tire store, you will have to do just that unless you decide to install the tires yourself.

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2. Additional Discounts

It is not uncommon to find additional price cuts through online discount tire stores. Sometimes they will offer free shipping, other times they will simply slash the price to something that is significantly below retail. Regardless, some of the deals available through online discount tire stores won’t be found through their brick and mortar counterparts. This is mainly because many online discount tire stores know they must maintain a competitive edge over brick and mortar shops which tend to be more popular among consumers.

3. Shopping from Home

Being able to purchase tires from the comfort of one’s own home is the greatest advantage associated with online discount tire stores. When you buy your tires online, you don’t have to worry about battling the weather, getting stuck in traffic or waiting in long lines. You also don’t have to worry about closing times, since Internet buying can be done at any hour of the day.

4. Human Advice

If you need advice on which tires you should get, you can get immediate input from clerks working at a brick and mortar discount tire store. On the other hand, if you order online, you may not get immediate input. Of course, some online stores will allow people to communicate with customer service personnel through a chat room. If you find an online discount tire store that has such a feature, you will have just as much convenience as you would if you had gone to a brick and mortar store. Otherwise, you will have to email customer support and wait a few days to get your question answered.

In conclusion, there are several things to take into consideration before you can decide whether or not you’ll buy from a brick and mortar store versus an online one. All in all brick and mortar discount tire stores are best if you need to have the tire installed right after you purchase it; otherwise, online enterprises offer the most convenience since you can order any time you want.

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Article Demon – the Best Article Marketing Tool


Cleopatra Venturelli

First a couple of obvious points about Article Demon. The interface is extremely similar to bookmarking demon, to put it differently it appears Lovely. Everything might be fully automated, from registration of accounts, confirming your email hyperlinks and posting your articles. The captchad pages may be solved with the and/or plugins. It has an inbuilt spinner that can auto spin each of one’s articles prior to submitting them towards the next directory in line. Inbuilt anti-bot module that simulates user behavior will enhance your good results charge and proxy support (rotating!) will insure that you are able to keep submitting articles even when you are banned, but since you’re submitting only high quality articles, that will not be a problem appropriate? Also, it is multi-threaded (Go through Quick). I will not bore you with other obvious particulars already existing on their sales page, but instead skip towards the stage.


Why Article Demon, why not any other article marketing submitter out there? Initial EdwinSoft are a reliable business that’s been about for many years. All of their goods have lifetime free updates. But probably the most important characteristic that has produced my decision easy is the capacity to add your own directories. If everyone uses the exact same integrated directories which are heavily spammed and you’ve got a chance to add your personal refreshing list, you will have an edge over every other article marketeer.

Apart from the major “not templated” top quality directories for example, and about 20 other leading article directories, Article Demon currently supports five various platforms exactly where we’re ready to post our articles. They are Article MS, Article Pleasant, Article Dashboard, Article Seaside and WordPress Articles. Article Demon has an stylish automated module to method your harvested article directory hyperlinks. Just import (copy/paste) it in the module and Article Demon will recognize, organize and retailer your new article directories.

As quickly as I purchased Article Demon I’ve place my ninja scraping skills to make use of. I looked for a few apparent footprints that all the supported directory scripts make. I started my serp harvester to receive new article directories. Right here would be the footprints so you can make use of them:

* Article Seashore


“Articles with any spelling or grammar errors will probably be deleted”

“upload your articles and keep updated about new articles.”

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* WordPress Articles

“If you have hired a ghost author, you agree which you have”

“Publish your article in RSS format for other web sites to syndicate”

“Do not submit articles stuffed with spelling mistakes and bad grammar”

“Using Article Directory plugin”

“There are * printed articles and * registered authors”

“RSS Articles” “RSS comments” “Recent Articles”

* Article MS

“Powered by ArticleMS”

“You don’t have permission to comment. Should you log in, you could have the ability to comment.”

* Article Dashboard

“By publishing info packed articles, you’ll soon enjoy”

“Use the articles within our directory in your website to present your visitors”

“Member Login to Submit Article”



* Article Pleasant

“Powered By : Article Friendly”


The end end result following importing the urls to Article Demon is 784 directories, waiting to nurture on their own with our articles. To ease our registration process even additional, I’ve used fake title generator to rapidly generate a pen name with all other personal data like deal with, phone amount, metropolis along with other similar forms that a few of the article directories require.

The registration procedure went splendid. Out of 784 directories I was in a position to register in 728, plus extra 5 when I retried the failed ones, uplifting the number to 733. That’s a 93.6% success fee! You do not get to see that typically when making use of mass automation tools.


These days will be the day that Article Demon was introduced so we can expect some setbacks, and you will find. I’ve gathered thousands of urls from your supported directory scripts and imported them into Article Demon. The consequence was MY Own fresh list, nonetheless Article Demon failed to understand several real article directories. So the guys from edwinsoft will must concentrate on fixing their recognition pattern and decrease the amount of failed directory entries. And that’s what will most likely occur throughout these coming days and weeks. We can anticipate a lot of these little updates that can eventually make this the #1 article submitter.


1st issue that I want will be the above mentioned far better dealing with and recognition of article directories. Yes, we by now have several, but WE WANT Much more! Yet another large priority want would be to get plugins also for other directories like Article Script, NextAge Tech, Subrion CMS & Inoutscripts. Now THAT could be powerfull!


Should you do not own an article submission application but, you should definitely get yourself Article Demon. If you previously have one, you ought to also get it, due to the fact why else would you still be reading this review, if not for the far better features of Article Demon more than your previous article submitter? 😉

UNLESS you’ve got Article Marketing Robot, simply because only this one really poses serious competition for Article Demon, with one huge setback that will be the inability to import your personal directories. And if you are a hardcore article marketeer you should possibly have both anyway.

Buy Article Demon with me and I’ll throw in a very freshly scraped article directory listing (2600+ ATM), so you are able to get began as quickly as feasible, without scraping your personal. Basically contact me, stating your first identify, time of purchase, payment strategy and receipt number to confirm your purchase and I’ll forward you the directory listing.

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Article Demon – the Best Article Marketing Tool



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