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Submitted by: Corrado Nucci

In the previous article we have spoke about the importance of the frame in the Vicla machines, now we will go on with the next step to build a very good quality machine.

Now we have a frame ready to receive the components, these parts can be divided in 3 different level: electric, mechanic and hydraulic.

It is very important to choose the best components for every level, to have the perfect functionality of the machine.

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Electrical parts: the electrical cabinet is one of the most important part of the machine, the components like rele’, power supply, drive and motor must be produce from international brand, like Telemecanique, Schneider, Abb and Esautomotion. Every wire connection inside the panel is marked with a univocal code, everything is clear and at the right place. Also the linear skill are important components on the press, they calculate with a high precision the position of the beam at avery point during the down or up movment.

Hydraulic parts: 2 hydraulic valves are installed on the top of every cylinder. These valves are fundamental for the correct movement of the beam and also for the safety. We choose Hoerbiger brand, one of the most famous and strong product in the market, also the pump Voith is very important for the correct efficiency of the machine, and for the very low noise. We can reach the best performace in speed and accuracy with our hydraulic system, with also big tubes for the prefill valves. All the system is monitored from the safety system of Lazer Safe according with CE rules. This safety system is one of the best perfomance device in the market, the high level of Lazer Safe is complete integrated in the press, also this system has different levels for different machines or functions: single laser, double laser or laserblock. With Laserblock it is possible to measure the angle and also correct during the bending sequence.

Mechanical parts: these are also a very important part of the machine, the backgauge is perfect integrated in the press brake and the accuracy movement assure the perfect result on the sheet metal parts.

It is made by a tube with milled surface where are installed the two linear guide for the movement of the fingers, the movement is with rack and pinion for the best accuracy on the X axe. The backgauge could be made according with the customer’s request, and can start from 1 axis, only X, to 6 or more axis, R-Z1-Z2-X5-X6, for complicated parts to do. Also the fingers are designed in according to the customer request for the many different and difficult bend.

Another important mechanical options can be, front movable support adjustable in high, rear pneumatic support for thin material or automatic bainding aids for the best help during the bending of difficult plates.

it is possible also to configurate le opening and stroke of the press brake according to the customer’s request, and many different kind of tool clamps are available, like Wila, Promecam/Amada or Bystronic/Beyler.

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If you will get the best materials for this certification test, it can be a great tool to assure that you can have the best career. As there are several exam materials applicable for Citrix 1Y0-A20 certification test, choosing the right one is definitely difficult.

The only way to prove your expertise in the competitive world of information technology is by getting the right 1Y0-A20 Certification that can help you to make it big. The professional who can own the certification can guarantee for the best career.

1Y0-A20 PDF Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration is one of the credential that can help the professional to make it big in the industry. As you know, it is a top notch certification that can be an integral option for the professional to be able to have a more promising career. To get this credential, it is a must if one can pass the Citrix 1Y0-A20 Certification Test.

Details of Citrix 1Y0-A20 Exam

1Y0-A20 Exams Study Kits Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration is available in English language only. This exam is available in multiple choice questions only. This technical test will help the professional to distinguish his or her proficiency in the XenApp solutions. The interested professional who wants to obtain the Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration should have at least one year of experience and knowledge regarding this solution. The professional who have the experience will have a better career in the industry.

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How to Prepare for Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration

If you want to get this certification, it is a must if you can able to prepare for the certification exam very well. There are actually several techniques that one can use to prepare for the 1Y0-A20 Certification Tests. If you are fully prepared for the test, it can give you the correct chance to make it big in the competitive world of information technology. Passing the exam in only one take is an ideal option to guarantee that you can have a better chance to succeed. When preparing for the test, it would be best to get the 1Y0-A20 Best Materials.

If you will get the best materials for this certification test, it can be a great tool to assure that you can have the best career. As there are several exam materials applicable for Citrix 1Y0-A20 Sample Tests Questions, choosing the right one is definitely difficult. This is because it is a must if you can choose the one that is appropriate for your needs or requirements. When selecting materials, it is a must if you can select the ones that are offered by the leading provider or source that are recognized by Citrix. If your material is from the leading provider, it will surely give you a complete edge to be sure that you can prepare and study well for this certification test.

As you prepare for Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration Test, it would be excellent also if you can commit your time, energy and money. If you are fully prepared for Citrix 1Y0-A20 Self Study, passing the exam would be just an easy task. With the available materials on hand plus the dedication and perseverance, it can be your top credential.

The professional who can pass the test will surely have the effective chance to own a career, wherein everyone will consider them as the efficient professional and recognized professional.

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