An Independent Girls who is Open Minded in Delhi for Nightmate


Zoya Khan

Beauty is not always being beautiful with outer aspect it is being beautiful with good inner qualities that are what it truly defines you. I am ZoyaKhan born and brought up in the beautiful core of India i.e. Delhi. I am a twenty-three-year-old woman. I am a tall beautiful girl with brown hairs and black eyes that can make a person fall in love with me at first sight.

I earn and live on my own. I am a truly talented girl which can be seen by the good quality of education received by me from the top university of Delhi. The good quality of education can truly define the good quality of me like my punctuality, my behaviour; my thinking etc can be predicted from it. Besides my high quality of education, I am equally active in performing activities such as playing outdoor and indoor games. My hobby is to play badminton, do swimming and so on.

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My likes and my dislikes can define me better. My taste reflects me. Like typical women, I am very much interested in shopping. Shopping is likely to add more interest in me than anything but this often is regarded as a reason for my being a spendthrift. Adding more to my likes I love to read books which really enrapture my heart. During my college my I was an orator which helped me to choose my career in one of the best new channels.

My favourite colour is blue I knowingly purchase my dresses which are blue in colour. I am really a comfortable person. I like to share the thoughts of other. I like to help people by listening to their problems. Talking of my thoughts about food is really very interesting. I am a complete foodie. I am both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. My heart really gets enraptured at the thought of food. I love animals. I am truly an animal lover especially dogs. They really make me feel happy and special. I have also got a tattoo at my back. I am a great lover of tattoos and I am sure to get more on my body.

Beside these likes, I have some dislikes too like I hate cooking. The thought that haunts me is the most is the thought of entering the kitchen, which is often regarded as a favourite place of an all women. I am not a good cook at all. The thought cooking with all the equipment makes me feel giddy. I do not like the people that are shy and introvert. I really hate people who are so full of themselves that they pay no attention towards other people’s thinking, and views and so on. I do not like shy people. I am a really a bold and confident person so I like to find my company among those who are bold and confident. I am good at speaking so I like the people who talks.

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